Trash Day: 9/22/15


Goner Fest is around the corner. I begin with some old school garage rock from Memphis in the 60s then move into 90s bands and round it out with some Goner favorites. Enjoy. Listen every Tuesday 8-9AM in Memphis on WEVL 89.9FM and

Changin’ Tymes – Blue Music Box

Asobi Seksu – Lions and Tigers

Danger Beach – Goodbye Baby (featuring Jonny Telafone)

The Problems of Tyme – Back Of My Mind

Circulatory System – Yesterday’s World

The Soundcarriers – Low Light

Helvetia – RyBro

Waxahatchie – The Dirt

Peter Matthew Baur – Philadelphia Raga

Make Up – I AM Pentagon

Mission of Burma – Trem Two

Las Robertas – Marlene

The Aislers Set – One Half Laughing

Quintron and Miss Pussy Cat – Teenage Antoinette

Cheena – Did I Tell You Last Night?

Sonny Vincent – Through My Head

Jack Oblivion – Honey, I’m Too Old For You

Stream part of this playlist here:

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Trash Day: 9/15/15

Started this morning in the art rock scenes of the 80s and 90s then went into some heavier stuff from Metz, Nots, Deaf Wish, and Meredith Graves’ previous band, Shoppers. Ended with some shoegaze revival bands. Check it out every Tuesday¬† 8-9AM in Memphis on WEVL 89.9FM or

The Wedding Present – Dalliance

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers – Dancin’ Late at Night

Roxy Music – Virginia Plain

Crocodiles – Sleep Forever

Paws – Tongues

Metz – Get Off

Flaamingos – I’m Not Dead

Shoppers – IV

Nots – Virgin Mary

True Widows – Duelist

Deaf Wish – St. Vincent’s

The Church – Under the Milky Way

Cousins – Mess

Whirr – Ease

Pinkshinyultrablast – Holy Forest


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Trash Day: 9/8/15

Today I played some new stuff from Protomartyr and Dead Leaf Echo and some older gems like Ride and Death in June. Death in June is a little dark, though. Probably too dark for 8AM. Sorry about that. Stay noisy.

Toy – Left to Wander

Part Time – In This Filthy City

Death in June – She Said Destroy

Girls Names – Hypnotic Regression

Protomartyr – Dope Cloud

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Pure Radio Cosplay (Reprise)

Nothing – Get Well

Creepoid – Devil in the Subtext

Dead Leaf Echo – Lemonheart

Ride – Decay

Animal Collective – On A Highway

True Womanhood – Magic Child

Wavves X Cloud Nothings – Hard To Find

Sharesprings – Maydear

Crystal Stilts – Through the Floor

Crocodiles – Neon Jesus

Trash Day: 9/1/15

Today is the first Bubblegum Trash show. Enjoy.

Destroyer – Chinatown

Sonic Youth – Incinerate

Joanna Gruesome – Honestly Do Yr Worst

Yuck – Milkshake

EZTV – Calling Out

Xray Eyeballs – Egyptian Magician

Whirr – Home Is Where My Head Is

Wavves – Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Your Heart)

Warpaint – Undertow

Vivian Girls – Take It As It Comes

Twin Sister – Meet the Frownies

Tiger High – Carry My Love

Turbo Fruits – Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain

Total Control – Love Performance

The Thermals – Now We Can See

Tennis – Baltimore

Radar Eyes – Prairie Puppies