Trash Day: 9/22/15


Goner Fest is around the corner. I begin with some old school garage rock from Memphis in the 60s then move into 90s bands and round it out with some Goner favorites. Enjoy. Listen every Tuesday 8-9AM in Memphis on WEVL 89.9FM and

Changin’ Tymes – Blue Music Box

Asobi Seksu – Lions and Tigers

Danger Beach – Goodbye Baby (featuring Jonny Telafone)

The Problems of Tyme – Back Of My Mind

Circulatory System – Yesterday’s World

The Soundcarriers – Low Light

Helvetia – RyBro

Waxahatchie – The Dirt

Peter Matthew Baur – Philadelphia Raga

Make Up – I AM Pentagon

Mission of Burma – Trem Two

Las Robertas – Marlene

The Aislers Set – One Half Laughing

Quintron and Miss Pussy Cat – Teenage Antoinette

Cheena – Did I Tell You Last Night?

Sonny Vincent – Through My Head

Jack Oblivion – Honey, I’m Too Old For You

Stream part of this playlist here:

Thanks for Listening!


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