Trash Day: 10/27/15


It’s the week of Halloween. A lot of terror-rific (thank you) halloween themed shows out there. I added a couple spooky inspired songs towards the end – none other than rock horror from Screaming Lord Sutch!

We also heard some new Fuzz, new Wand, and some old school western sounds from Los Plantronics. Listen to WEVL at!

Raveonettes – Sisters

Merchandise – Little Killers

Blouse – Videotapes

Olan – Saint Heartless

Eternal Summers – Together or Alone

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – What’s Holding You

Hoop Dreams – SCPR

Fuzz – Pollinate

Kagoule – Made of Concrete

Wand – Machine Man

Shadow in the Cracks – Timeless

Los Plantronics – Beatnick Bandolero (comes to town)

Charlie and the Moonhearts – Walla Walla (WA)

The Mad Daddy – Jet Speed Super Blast

The Sonics – Psycho

Jay Reatard – Nightmares

Screaming Lord Sutch – I’m in Love with Dracula’s Daughter

Photo courtesy Ace Records


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