Trash Day: 11/3/15


I played some new Hierophants from their Goner release called Parallax Error out last month. British bands like Electrelane, Television Personalities, Clinic, Boyracer all added some noise to this playlist. Check it out.

La Luz – Brainwash

The Manhattan Love Suicides – Skulls

Crash City Saints – Panic Queen

DIIV – Wait

BlondeRedhead – 23

Electrelane – On Parade

The Big Ups – Goes Black

The Sounds of Animals Fighting – Overture

Amusement Parks on Fire – Smokescreen

iceage – You’re Blessed

Liars – Plaster Casts of Everything

Television Personalities – This Angry Silence

Clinic – The Return of Evil Bill

Boyracer – Idiot Youth

Hierophants – 321

Hedgehog – Blue Daydreaming



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