Trash Day: 11/10/15


It’s Fall Pledge Drive time! Tune in this week until Saturday 11/14/15 to hear special programming and make your pledge to the Best Memphis Radio Station! Pledge $75 and you get the green WEVL t-shirt like the picture!

So, I played a special show featuring bands signed to or affiliated with Slumberland Records, a DC-based label specializing in noise pop and punk from the 90s and still operating today. I played a lot of their new releases. Enjoy!


Expert Alterations – The Past and You

Young Guv – Kelly, I’m not a Creep

Evans the Death – Sledgehammer

Gold-Bears – Death with Drums

Tony Molina – Change My Ways

Wax Idols – Dead Like You

Terry Malts – I was Not There

Velocity Girl – My Forgotten Favorite

Dead Ghosts – When It Comes to You

Spectrals – Get a Grip

The Proper Ornaments – Gone

Black Tambourine – I Want You Around

Devon Williams – Deep in the Back of Your Mind

Literature – The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything


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