Trash Day: 11/24/15


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It’s thanksgiving week and travel is happening. Stay safe and have a good turkey day.

I started off the playlist with Follakzoid, one of my favorite bands. Definitely my favorite show at Austin Psych Fest this year. I played their song “9.” I also played Chapterhouse’s single “Pearl,” to which Rachel Goswell from Slowdive adds some vocals. I ended with some electronic stuff and a shout out to my neighbor who loves some Glass Candy. Oh yes.


Follakzoid – 9

Vessels – Myopic Biopic

Holy Wave – Arab Spring

The Horrors – I Can See Through You

Chapterhouse – Pearl

The Raveonettes – Dead Sound

Tamaryn – While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming

Elvis Depressedly – Inside You

Desaparecidos – Slacktivist

Male Bonding – Franklin

Lush – Thoughtforms

Glass Candy – Candy Castle


Photo: Getwell Rd.


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