Trash Day: 2/2/16


Thanks for listening to Bubblegum Trash on volunteer radio 89.9FM WEVL Memphis and on the web at

Today we started off with some lo-fi psych from California native, Morgan Delt from his 2014 self-titled “free-floating” sun soaked album. I also included the second single released from London-based FEWS, called “Zoo.” They are three Swedes and an American playing some pretty great post-punk and I am excited to hear the full length they are working on.

One of America’s contributions to the UK-based shoegazer movement, Drop Nineteens, made the playlist with their 1992 single “Winona.” The Flaming Lips will be performing The Soft Bulletin with the Colorado Symphony in May and so I played “Suddenly Everything has Changed,” and country western inspired band, Gun Outfit’s single from 2015’s Dream All Over album called “Gotta Wanna.”

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Morgan Delt – Barbarian Kings

Psychic Blood – Bloom

Mondo Drag – Crystal Vision Open Eyes

FEWS – The Zoo

So Cow – Casablanca

Lamps – Clouds

Drop Nineteens – Winona

Younger Lovers – Get Up, Get Up

Stereolab – Brakhage

The Flaming Lips – Suddenly Everything has Changed

Gun Outfit – Gotta Wanna

The Abigails – Let’s Elope

The Band in Heaven – Sleazy Dreams

Unloved – Guilty of Love

No Age – No Ground


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