Trash Day: 3/1/16

Thanks for listening to Bubblegum Trash on WEVL 89.9FM volunteer radio and on the web at

Happy Super Tuesday. Get out and vote Tennessee. I start off the morning with two Portuguese sisters, Julia and Maria Reis that make up Pega Monstro with their hard rockin’ song, Braco de Ferro. I play some 70s and 80s stuff from bands, Visitors and Pylon. I also play Memphis band, Time’s song Gotta Be Real from last year’s 4Luv EP and Louisville-based band White Reaper towards the end.

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Pega Monstro – Braco de Ferro

Institute – I am Living Death

Holy Nothing – Rely On

Useless Eaters – Dope Clones & American Cars

Palehound – Cinnamon

Pylon – Cool

Visitors – Electric Heat

Triathalon – Brain Dead

Lushes – Low Hanging Fruit

The Fall – L.A.

Time – Gotta Be Real

White Reaper – Cool

Cave Story – Southern Hype

Cherry Glazerr – White’s Not My Color This Evening

Beak> – Broken Window



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