Trash Day: 3/22

Hi and welcome to Bubblegum Trash, a Memphis radio show on WEVL 89.9 and streaming live on the web at

Today I played Toxie, a local Memphis band, a band some call the first Spanish punk band, Kaka de Luxe, and some electronic stuff from great British techno DJ, Andrew Weatherall.

Enjoy, stay noisy.


Veronica Falls – Teenage

The Pastels – Comin’ Through

Methyl Ethel – Idee Fixe

The Gun Club – Preaching the Blues

Toxie – Newgate

The Dream Syndicate – That’s what you Always say

Comet Gain – A Million and Nine

Kaka de Luxe – Rosario, Toca el Pito

Dog in the Snow – The Slow/Quick Reveal

Andrew Weatherall – Disappear

The Woodleigh Research Facility – Osler’s Crystal Fountain

Oliver Nelson and his Orchestra – Skull Sessions

DIIV – Under the Sun

Sex Church – Dull Light

Lowtide – Julia

Chris Forsyth – Long Beach Idyll



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