Trash Day: 5/17/16

Thanks for listening to Bubblegum Trash on volunteer radio 89.9FM WEVL Memphis and all over the world on the web at

Today we go back to 1996 and hear Thee Headcoats song “Deer Stalking Man,” and back to the 70s with Roxy Music’s “Virginia Plain.” We also hear Detroit group The Gories, and Russian band, Pinkshinyultrablast with their song from their 2009 release Happy Songs for Happy Zombies called “Deerland.” Lungfish’s “Amnesiac” closes it out for us.

Enjoy. Stay Noisy.


Thee Headcoats – Deer Stalking Man

Jonathan Richman – Dancing Late at Night

Roxy Music – Virginia Plain

Deep Time – Clouds

Paws – Tongues

Flaamingos – I’m Not Dead

Mind Spiders – You Are Dead

Cousins – Mess

Shoppers – IV

Deaf Wish – St. Vincent’s

Unwound – Dragnalus

The Marked Men – On the Outside

The Gories – There but for the Grace of God Go I

Crocodiles – Sleep Forever

Whirr – Ease

Pinkshinyultrablast – Deerland

Lungfish – Amnesiac


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