Trash Day: 6/21/16

spray paint
Spray Paint in Berlin 2014

Good morning and welcome to Bubblegum Trash on volunteer radio 89.9FM WEVL Memphis and on the web at

Today I play a song by Spray Paint from their latest album Feel the Clamps, also 80s Scottish synthpop, new stuff from Metz, latest single from Allah-Las, and I challenge the ear drums with industrial noise band, Yvette, from Brooklyn with their song “Sell it Off” from their 2015 EP Time Management. I wrap it up with French synthwave from the early 80s.

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Dirty on Purpose – Your Summer Dress

Pujol – Black Rabbit

No Bunny – La La La La Leave You

Spray Paint – Don’t Get Sick

Drinking Electricity – Fall

Alicja Pop – Don’t Say No #2

Allah-Las – Famous Phone Figure

Heavy Cream – Toasted

Metz – Eraser

The Numerators – Wastoid

Shellshag – Face to Face

Grooms – Tiger Trees

Yvette – Sell it Off

Magazine – My Tulpa

Marie Moor / Barney Wilen – Pretty Days

Cha Cha Guitri – Monsieur Madame





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