Trash Day: 8/30/16

Thanks for tuning into volunteer radio 89.9FM WEVL Memphis and on the web at, I am Amy your host of Bubblegum Trash every Tuesday from 8-9AM.

Today I have bands from all over the world – Satelite in Spain, Stella Diana and Novanta in Italy, Caos from Brazil, DIAT and Ulrika Spacek from Germany, and so many more. Take a trip with me.

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Novanta – Sonder

Novanta – Gooafus

A Shoreline Dream – Whirlwind

Pity Sex – Dog Walk

Stella Diana – Aphrodia

Toy – You Won’t Be the Same

Thor – Sleeping Giant

Heaters – Elephant Turner

Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw – Honey Time

Real Numbers – Wordless Wonder

Blotchouts – Blank is the Devil’s Blank

Satelite – Paralelos

Caos – Mapas

DIAT – Toonie

Ulrika Spacek – Everything: All of the Time

The Warlocks – Lonesome Bulldog

The Blind Shake – Old Lake

Gene Wilder – Pure Imagination


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