Trash Day Goner Fest Edition: 9/27/16


Welcome to the Bubblegum Trash special Goner Fest 13 Edition! Thanks for tuning in.

Goner Fest is an annual garage punk/rock-focused festival in Memphis, TN.


King Brothers – Yakekuso

Mr. Airplane Man – Not Living at All (Live at Goner Fest 4)

Guitar Wolf – After School Thunder

Greg Cartwright – Take a Ride (Live at Goner Fest 4)

Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw – True

Black Lips – Boomerang

The Blind Shake – Parachute

Casual Burn – Talk Bad

Couteau Latex – Demarche Fauve

Aquarian Blood – Ugly Monster

Kool 100s – Vacuum

Zerodent – Lucky

Dead Moon – Walking on My Grave

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds – Ricky Ticky Tocky

Spray Paint – Heavy Loiter

Trampoline Team – Make it Faster

Chook Race – Hard to Clean

Opposite Sex – La Rat

Nots – New Structures

Counter Intuits – His Master’s Voice

Useless Eaters – Addicted to the Blade


Trash Day: 9/20/16

Hi everyone, thanks for tuning into Bubblegum Trash every Tuesday 8-9AM on the best radio station in Memphis, WEVL 89.9 FM and streaming live at

Bubblegum Trash is a re-run this week, but I will be back live next week with a special Goner Fest edition.

I also wanted to take a moment to tell you about WEVL 40 Fest! WEVL turns 40 this year so we’re throwing a party on October 8th at Loflin Yard. It starts at 3PM and ends at 10PM and we have a lot of awesome bands from Memphis lined up. Join us!


Trash Day: 9/13/16


Thanks for listening to Bubblegum Trash this morning on 89.9 FM WEVL Memphis and streaming live on the web at – you rock.

Today I went to Barcelona to hear Belgrado and Cuidad Lineal play some great post-punk and electro-punk stuff. We also heard from TOPS and Allah-Las – they both played in Memphis over the weekend. New stuff from Thee Oh Sees, 80s French New Wave, and LA Punk also in this show.

We end with a song from 65daysofstatic’s latest album No Man’s Sky, which I love.

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Belgrado – Swiat Jest Nasz

The Intelligence – (They Found Me on the Back of) the Galaxy

Brilliant Colors – Back to the Tricks

Surfer Blood – Swim

Cuidad Lineal – Cuidadano

The Waitresses – The Comb

The Feelies – Loveless Love

Rat Fist – Civilized Environment

Low Life – Dogging

Siamese Twins – Wide Eyed

Thee Oh Sees – Dead Man’s Gun

Disappears – Replicate

The Ar-Kaics – She Does Those Things to Me

Allah-Las – I Cannot Lie

TOPS – Circle in the Dark

Mathematiques Modernes – Disco Rough

65daysofstatic – Supermoon

photo: TOPS performing at Hitone in Memphis, TN 9/10/2016

Trash Day: 9/6/16

nots cosmetic NOTS

Thanks for listening to Bubblegum Trash on WEVL 89.9 FM and streaming live at

Today I played an interview my friend Chris and I did with Natalie Hoffman of NOTS. NOTS is releasing a new record this week – Cosmetic on Goner Records. Natalie spoke with us on the meaning behind the album name, the album art and the creation/recording of it.

I played a few off of the new record and some other bubblegum trashy tunes.


Le Marinellis – Quand elle Marche

OBN IIIs – No Time for the Blues

Total Control – Liberal Party

White Fence – WF FP Intro

White Fence – Swagger vets & Double moon

Milk Music – Cruising with God

Grace Vonderkuhn – Saints with Death Wishes

Disco Zombies – Mary Millington

Angry Angels – The 15th

NOTS interview

Four songs from NOTS album Cosmetic

a side: 1. Blank Reflection 2. Rat King

b side: 1. No Novelty 2. Inherently Low

pinkshinyultrablast – ravestar supreme

U.S. Girls – Island Song

Lace Curtain – I Can’t Wait