Trash Day: 9/6/16

nots cosmetic NOTS

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Today I played an interview my friend Chris and I did with Natalie Hoffman of NOTS. NOTS is releasing a new record this week – Cosmetic on Goner Records. Natalie spoke with us on the meaning behind the album name, the album art and the creation/recording of it.

I played a few off of the new record and some other bubblegum trashy tunes.


Le Marinellis – Quand elle Marche

OBN IIIs – No Time for the Blues

Total Control – Liberal Party

White Fence – WF FP Intro

White Fence – Swagger vets & Double moon

Milk Music – Cruising with God

Grace Vonderkuhn – Saints with Death Wishes

Disco Zombies – Mary Millington

Angry Angels – The 15th

NOTS interview

Four songs from NOTS album Cosmetic

a side: 1. Blank Reflection 2. Rat King

b side: 1. No Novelty 2. Inherently Low

pinkshinyultrablast – ravestar supreme

U.S. Girls – Island Song

Lace Curtain – I Can’t Wait



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