Trash Day Goner Fest Edition: 9/27/16


Welcome to the Bubblegum Trash special Goner Fest 13 Edition! Thanks for tuning in.

Goner Fest is an annual garage punk/rock-focused festival in Memphis, TN.


King Brothers – Yakekuso

Mr. Airplane Man – Not Living at All (Live at Goner Fest 4)

Guitar Wolf – After School Thunder

Greg Cartwright – Take a Ride (Live at Goner Fest 4)

Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw – True

Black Lips – Boomerang

The Blind Shake – Parachute

Casual Burn – Talk Bad

Couteau Latex – Demarche Fauve

Aquarian Blood – Ugly Monster

Kool 100s – Vacuum

Zerodent – Lucky

Dead Moon – Walking on My Grave

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds – Ricky Ticky Tocky

Spray Paint – Heavy Loiter

Trampoline Team – Make it Faster

Chook Race – Hard to Clean

Opposite Sex – La Rat

Nots – New Structures

Counter Intuits – His Master’s Voice

Useless Eaters – Addicted to the Blade


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