WEVL Pledge Drive Special: Spanish Punk, Coldwave, Post-punk

Hiya, it’s the 2016 fall pledge drive at the station this week. I have curated a special show of bands from Spain featuring coldwave and post-punk mostly, but we hear some indie rock/pop, hardcore, and 90s rock from Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia respectively.

Enjoy! Stay noisy.


Belgrado – Dalej

Una Bestia Incontrolable – Nou Mon

Satelite – Ojos en las paredas

Las Ruinas – Ramon y Cajal

Les Sueques – Res

VLIVM – Looking for a Day

Grushenka – Maltratarse y asustarse

Antiguo Regimen – Separatistas

CHROMA – Olar de Muerte

RAKTA – Tudo que e solido

Dulce Pajara de Juventud – Dark

Cuidad Lineal – Nuevo Hombre

Caliza – Break Free

Las Planetas – Un Buen Dia

Aias – La Truita

Areolineas Federales – No se ligar


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