Trash Day: T. Rexmas Special


Happy T. Rexmas y’all. It’s a T. Rex special this week featuring a couple Xmas songs from T. Rex including a long Bolan Christmas stream of consciousness to end the show. We’ll hear T. Rex covers and originals from T. Rex on today’s show.

Thanks to the Bolan-Boogie Bandcamp for releasing the rare T. Rexmas album. Get it for yourself here:


T. Rex – Super Funk Christmas (1972)

T. Rex – Christmas Bop (1975 original)

T. Rex – Ride a White Swan #2 (Live Summer of 1971)

Violent Femmes – Children of the Revolution

Ty Segall – The Slider

Bauhaus – Telegram Sam

T. Rex – Electric Boogie (Unused Mix)

T. Rex – Xmas Jingle (1971)

T. Rex – Cadillac (Live Summer of 1971)

Ty Segall – 20th Century Boy

Rooney – Metal Guru

T. Rex – Baby Strange (Live version)

T. Rex – By the Light of a Magical Moon (Live version)

T. Rex – Free Xmas Flexy (1972)

Background music: T. Rex – Instrumental Jam Live Summer 1971

Photo from Aquariam Drunkard


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