Trash Day: 2/7/17

Thanks for tuning into Bubblegum Trash on volunteer radio WEVL 89.9 FM and on the web at

Today I debuted a few from the new Aquarian Blood record out on Goner Records this Friday, Feb. 10th – it’s their third full-length but this time they recorded live with their full band and I really dig it. Check it out!

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Thigh Master – Company

Joel Gion – Tomorrow

Mons Vi – American CREAM

John Maus – Quantum Leap

Satelite – Parte del Plan

The Underground Youth – Alice

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – I can be a Jerk

Television – Shane, She Wrote This

Lydia Lunch – Spooky

Aquarian Blood – Cold Foreign Advisor

Aquarian Blood – Funeral Moon

Aquarian Blood – Blood Chant

Kitchen’s Floor – Bitter Defeat

Ultimate Painting – Bills

The Nuns – Media Control

Gisela Dressler – 48 Crash

LNZNDRF – Green Roses



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