Trash Day: 4/25/2017

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Mostly new stuff today since it’s officially spring and all. New and fresh. I’ll play some Record Store Day finds and some throw backs are in there of course.


Air-Sea Dolphin – Exploding

Honey Radar – Spillman was a Motorhead

Nots – Black Out

It’s For Us – In the Space

Bake Sale – As Predicted

Stilla Havet – Min Skugga

The Achtungs – I’m Not the One

The Slits – Love Und Romance

The Sheiks – Tip Top

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Devil’s Grip

Tuxedomoon – No Tears

The Moonlandingz – The Strangle of Anna

Anti Pony – There is a Light that Never Goes Out

Deerhunter – He Would Have Laughed

Trash Day 4/4/17

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Today we hear some brand new stuff released by Emotional Response, new stuff from Farai released on NON, the latest from Marbled Eye, and some German synth-wave from INHALT.

Enjoy. Stay Noisy.


Big Sur – Sometimes

Terry Malts – It’s Not Me

Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster

Dignan Porch – Flood

Pylon – M Train (Live)

Joy Division – Shadowplay

Lowlife – Hallow Gut

Christian Death – Deathwish

Juanita y Los Feos – Vallecasf

Fariai – Lion Warrior

Marbled Eye – Former

INHALT – Walking on Glass (Part Time Punks Sessions)

Kitchen People – Communication Skills

Brilliant Colors – Back to the Tricks


Gerry & the Holograms – Increased Resistance

Deerhunter – He Would Have Laughed

Trash Day: 3/28/17

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I went to Big Ears Fest in Knoxville over the weekend and so i played a few songs by bands that toured through that fest like Xiu Xiu, Blonde Redhead, and Deerhoof. We also heard some 80s tunes from Killing Joke, New Order, and Fad Gadget; also new stuff from Mary Ocher, Cymbals and more!

Enjoy. Stay Noisy.


Killing Joke – Eighties

New Order – Ceremony

Xiu Xiu – Wondering

Deerhoof – Risk Free

Blonde Redhead – Misery is a Butterfly

Tamryn – Love Fades

Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People

Mary Ocher – Authority’s Hold

Gang of Four – Natural’s Not in It

Bauhaus – Dark Entries

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Dear Prudence

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

Cymbals – Innocence

Trash Day: Irish Post-Punk Special

Thanks for tuning into Bubblegum Trash this morning on 89.9 FM WEVL Memphis and on the web at I played the Finders Keepers compilation Strange Passion featuring all Irish post-punk, electronic and DIY gems from 1980-1983 in honor of the Irish-American St. Patrick’s Day holiday this week. Enjoy!

Trash Day: 3/7/17

Thanks for listening to volunteer radio 89.9 FM WEVL Memphis and on the web at Welcome to Bubblegum Trash the show bringing you loud post-punk, electronic, garage, psych-punk, and whatever else I’m feeling that day.

Today we hear from Throbbing Chakra from their latest album. They are playing in Memphis this week so check that out. We’ll also hear from Andy Human, the latest from Cold Beat and so much more!

Enjoy. Stay Noisy.



Battery Point – Street Lights

Bad News from Cosmos – Kosmadomamama

Throbbing Chakra – Voices


Acapulco┬áLips – Gotta Know

Andy Human – Break Your Face

Klaus Johann Grobe – Koordination

Cold Beat – 62 Moons


A Shoreline Dream – Revolvist

RAKTA – Life Comes After Death

Casual Burn – Your Science


DVA Damas – Night Shade

Caliza – Break Free

Blouse – Into Black

Trementina – Please, Let’s Go Away


Damaged Bug – Pet Programs

Trash Day 2/28/17

Welcome to the Bubblegum Trash show on Memphis’ only volunteer radio station WEVL 89.9 FM – voted best radio station in the city. Streaming live all over the world on I bring you today some of the latest from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, latest from Son Bou, new bands Ubik and Droids Blood will bring the noise, and so much more!

Thanks for listening. Stay Noisy.


Bad Sports – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Cold Pumas – A Change of Course

Yung – Blanket

Bad Vision – Very Melbourne

LVL UP – Hidden Driver

Son Bou – Pies Descalzos

Cheena – Stupor

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Sleep Drifter

Ausmuteants – Silent Genes

Ubik – Piece of Mind

Tough Tits – Anxious

Droids Blood – Rotary Phone

Exploded View – Disco Blood

Artefact – The Morrigan

Merchandise – Shadow of the Truth

Meat Market – Dig Deep

Bauhaus – Dark Entries

Seventeen Years – Bury

Trash Day: 2/14/17

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Today is valentine’s day but no love songs here. No reason, just none. I do start with a song about unrequited love by Television Personalities called “Stop and Smell the Roses” and another song scored by Bradford Cox for the movie “Teenage” called “Kate” which is about jealousy but that is as close as I get I think.

Enjoy. Stay noisy.


Television Personalities – Stop and Smell the Roses

Hookworms – On Leaving

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone

The Entrance Band – Fine Flow

Sun City Girls – Sev Archer

Novella – Change of State

Surface to Air Mission – Time Being

Terry Prince and the Principals – Time Warp at the Drive-In Part 2

Accion Diplomatica – Vacio

Cold Cave – People are Poison

Chandra – Kate

Electrelane – Film Music