Trash Day: 11/24/15


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It’s thanksgiving week and travel is happening. Stay safe and have a good turkey day.

I started off the playlist with Follakzoid, one of my favorite bands. Definitely my favorite show at Austin Psych Fest this year. I played their song “9.” I also played Chapterhouse’s single “Pearl,” to which Rachel Goswell from Slowdive adds some vocals. I ended with some electronic stuff and a shout out to my neighbor who loves some Glass Candy. Oh yes.


Follakzoid – 9

Vessels – Myopic Biopic

Holy Wave – Arab Spring

The Horrors – I Can See Through You

Chapterhouse – Pearl

The Raveonettes – Dead Sound

Tamaryn – While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming

Elvis Depressedly – Inside You

Desaparecidos – Slacktivist

Male Bonding – Franklin

Lush – Thoughtforms

Glass Candy – Candy Castle


Photo: Getwell Rd.


Trash Day: 11/17/15


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Today I was all over the place – started with some goth rock, then it got a little psychedelic and shoegaze-y, then I ended with some Memphis – Alex Chilton’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Grave Babies – Over and Under Ground

Ringo Deathstar – Two Girls

Weekend – Oubliette

The Cramps – Green Fuz

The Blind Shake – The Clock, A Window, A Pyramid

M.O.T.O – Gagging on the Edge of Love

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Love Burns

Disappears – Magics

Wooden Shjips – Flight

Pavement – Circa 1762 (John Peel Sessions #1)

Slowdive – When the Sun Hits

No Joy – Hollywood Teeth

White Fence – Mr. Adams

The Stooges – T.V. Eye

Alex Chilton – Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Trash Day: 11/10/15


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So, I played a special show featuring bands signed to or affiliated with Slumberland Records, a DC-based label specializing in noise pop and punk from the 90s and still operating today. I played a lot of their new releases. Enjoy!


Expert Alterations – The Past and You

Young Guv – Kelly, I’m not a Creep

Evans the Death – Sledgehammer

Gold-Bears – Death with Drums

Tony Molina – Change My Ways

Wax Idols – Dead Like You

Terry Malts – I was Not There

Velocity Girl – My Forgotten Favorite

Dead Ghosts – When It Comes to You

Spectrals – Get a Grip

The Proper Ornaments – Gone

Black Tambourine – I Want You Around

Devon Williams – Deep in the Back of Your Mind

Literature – The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything

Trash Day: 11/3/15


I played some new Hierophants from their Goner release called Parallax Error out last month. British bands like Electrelane, Television Personalities, Clinic, Boyracer all added some noise to this playlist. Check it out.

La Luz – Brainwash

The Manhattan Love Suicides – Skulls

Crash City Saints – Panic Queen

DIIV – Wait

BlondeRedhead – 23

Electrelane – On Parade

The Big Ups – Goes Black

The Sounds of Animals Fighting – Overture

Amusement Parks on Fire – Smokescreen

iceage – You’re Blessed

Liars – Plaster Casts of Everything

Television Personalities – This Angry Silence

Clinic – The Return of Evil Bill

Boyracer – Idiot Youth

Hierophants – 321

Hedgehog – Blue Daydreaming